On April 15, just try telling the Internal Revenue Service you just don't feel like "contributing" this year.

­ U.S. House Minority Leader
Robert H. Michel,
R-Ill, February 1993


We help small business, real estate owners, and individuals, to minimize their taxes, since 1973. We consult with our broad business, computer, and financial background, in the areas of technology and computers, and litigation. Please call us for an appointment for a free initial consultation.

Tax planning is the most important way to minimize your taxes. We want you to make the right plans, to save taxes next year and for the rest of your life. As your Financial Quarterback, we will help orchestrate your financial, tax, and estate planning. As your business' part time Chief Financial Officer, we will help you to identify problems and to determine the best solutions,

We represent many clients in our areas of experience, including non profit organizations, entertainment business management, wine, insurance, investment banking, real estate, aviation, computers and technology.

We prepare all types of tax returns, including income (individual, corporation, partnership, trusts, and estates), payroll, sales, and property. We represent clients in examination and collection matters for all these taxes before all the taxing agencies.

Please call us for an appointment for a free initial consultation.

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